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Quality Control

Vulcan Construction believes that quality control both during the design and construction phases, is of utmost importance to the success of a project. During design and construction we continually strive for excellence in quality and product, form and function.

Quality is achieved in a two pronged approach. Initially we instill quality design by selecting materials, equipment and systems that are best suited for the application. Due to our constant research we are aware of the newest building technologies available. We also thoroughly review the design drawings to make certain that the quality requirements are carried out in every minute detail.

Once the field work commences the second phase of our quality control program begins. Throughout the construction period we practice an unceasing and tireless amount of effort on examining all aspects of the subcontractor’s material and work as it arrives. The project team ensures only proper and correct components are being provided without defect or flaw.

In addition, each supervisor administers a strict program of monitoring and verification including:

  • Careful review of all product data, submittals and certifications for compliance of the project requirements.
  • Strict adherence to the testing and inspection program.
  • Detailed document control and reporting.
  • Daily inspections are made and Quality Control Reports are prepared and maintained.
  • All material delivered to the project are inspected prior to acceptance for conformance to the project requirements.