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The personal health and safety of every person on a Vulcan Construction job site is of primary importance, for this reason, Vulcan maintains a comprehensive Safety Program. We are fully cognizant that we operate in a hazardous industry and it is our company policy to undertake every possible measure to protect the health and welfare of all personnel. This includes training, equipment, weekly jobsite meetings and diligent field personnel constantly watching for and mitigating potential safety hazards.

Our program works because management insists that all supervisors and employees embody the proper attitude towards injury and illness prevention. This cooperation is integral to the success of our company. Periodic Jobsite inspections and training sessions by our Risk Management Team are important elements in keeping the program foremost in the minds of our employees.

The Safety Manual is mandatory reading for all employees within our organization and addresses all health and safety issues. Our program is strictly enforced with zero tolerance.

All of the Vulcan team members in management positions have received certifications in the OSHA standards for the construction industry 10 hour outreach course.

In addition, all members are first aid and CPR certified by the Red Cross Association.