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The early planning schedules normally include detailed preconstruction activities for all team events, including work within the following categories:

  • Consultant selection
  • Design & permitting
  • Schedule & budgeting
  • Long lead item procurement
  • Site setup

Baseline Schedule Development

Before the beginning of the construction phase, we will prepare a detailed baseline schedule that incorporates the commitments agreed to in the preconstruction effort, while reflecting on the design. Input and review will be done by each key participant and the final product will be a comprehensive sequence of construction, broken into major categories. Each of the major categories include detailed activity sequences and milestone events.

Short Interval Schedules

While the baseline schedule will establish the guidelines of necessary progress that will be required to accomplish the project commitments, it will be the short interval schedules that drive the day to day events. These breakdown the larger activities into detailed components for critical tracking and coordination. Short interval schedules are updated weekly and best reflect the current progress of the project and incorporate any changes to the order or pace of construction.

Progress Monitoring and Reports

Our compliance with project schedules will be regularly monitored through a combination of daily walks, daily reports, weekly meetings and monthly reviews. Any schedule threat that is introduced into an acceptable progress of the project will be aggressively dealt with. For complex issues that arise that involve multiple activities, an action plan will be worked out to overcome any anticipated effect.

Master Schedule Updates

To the extent that actual field events continue to progress in general compliance with the baseline schedule, the project will rely on short interval schedules for planning purposes. In the event that there is a change in to a series or group of project events that introduces a different completion plan, the master schedule will be formally updated. The frequency of regular updates can comply with any appropriate time frame agreed to for each project.