COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Vulcan Construction Inc. considers the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and all personnel involved in our projects, to be our primary concern. In order to maintain our operations with the spread of the coronavirus or “COVID-19” Vulcan Construction, Inc. has established the following policies and procedures.

Reducing the Risk of COVID-19 on our Jobsites

Vulcan strives to reduce the risk of COVID-19 on our jobsites by:

  • Evaluating the risks of potential exposure specific to each jobsite.
  • Following and monitoring all applicable orders, regulations, and guidance from the State and local health departments.
  • Conducting COVID-19 inspections to evaluate control measures and ensure compliance with our COVID-19 policies and procedures.
  • Encouraging employees to actively participate in effective communication and to bring any questions, concerns, or potential hazards to our attention.

Avoiding sharing work tools, equipment, phones, etc. unless absolutely necessary. When equipment must be shared, it shall be disinfected before and after each use.

Vulcan Construction also uses the following hierarchy of controls to reduce the risk of COVID-19:

Engineering Controls:

  • When air filtration and ventilation is not sufficient, we install air purifiers as needed throughout the workspace.
  • When possible, workers must access the work area from entry or exit doors different from entry or exit doors used by occupants accessing the remainder of the building that is not under construction.

Administrative Controls:
• Providing accurate and effective training to all employees on reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 as well as what to do if someone becomes ill with coronavirus.
• Ensuring adequate time for proper cleaning and disinfection protocols.
• Maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet between workers except when absolutely necessary to carry out a job function.
• Signage dispersed throughout the project site describing COVID-19 guidelines, protections, and regulations.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Providing face shields, face masks, and impermeable gloves as needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Sanitizing personal protective equipment at the end of the work shift.

Employee Screening

Employee screening is fundamental to protecting our jobsites from COVID-19, we screen our employees by:

  • Providing a contactless risk assessment screening through our jobsite check-in QR codes.
  • Requiring all personnel to complete risk assessments prior to entering a jobsite.
  • Ensuring employees are only allowed to enter the site if they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and have not been exposed to COVID-19 by evaluating their responses to the risk assessment.

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