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Image: Vulcan Project Approach

Vulcan Project Approach

Team Approach

Our approach and style in providing full construction services for this project will be to work closely and pro-actively with the Owner, Construction Manager, Consultants and Project Team to ensure that the project goals are achieved and exceeded. Vulcan Construction team members have used the project team approach on all of our projects. This experience in providing construction services enable us to bring the project systems and culture necessary to succeed. Owners appreciate our strong construction services, as projects are built faster, and at a lower cost than competitors. Our cost control efforts begin immediately upon obtaining the project documents and continue through every phase of the project. We are geared with one thing in mind, delivering the product requested by the owner with exceptional quality at the best possible price. Early notification of issues either increasing or decreasing the overall cost of the project gives the designers, and contractor the best chance of mitigating the adds, and allows the owner the opportunity to take advantage of the savings.

Design Documents

Vulcan Constriction recognizes that cost control and scheduling during the design phase of the project is as important, if not more so than during the construction of the project. Our project team starts immediately by taking the lead in establishing design meetings with the designers. The importance that Vulcan Construction puts on these meetings is quickly conveyed to the ownership by the proactive participation of the Vulcan Construction project team.

The owner will be kept appraised of all issues as they arise, keeping with our goal of early notification.


Our involvement in the permitting process is also hands on. Through our local experience, we have established relationships with members of local municipalities. We will assist all team members with submission of the plans to the city, to scheduling meetings with all departments to address issues or to give the appropriate department a heads up to what is coming. We are proud of our individual relationships with local cities, and welcome the opportunity to show what distinguishes Vulcan Construction from other firms.

Construction Documents

The approach taken with design development phase carries through with the creation of the construction documents. By keeping the same team together, led by our principal in charge, we keep the momentum of the design phase through the preparation of the construction documents. Our proactive approach and early awareness, increases the flexibility of our design.

Value Engineering

One of primary tasks before commencing with construction will be working to optimize the building from a cost perspective so that the Owner gets the most value for their construction dollar. Mechanical and electrical systems are focused on and intensely coordinated to minimize budget increase, but more importantly evaluated for potential cost saving with little or no change to the overall program.

Long Lead Identification and Early Release Items

Vulcan Construction identifies early in the project critical items requiring release. We work with our subcontractors in determining lead times and early submission for submittals for approval to the architect.

Early award and release of the MEP design build portion is essential in keeping the consultants in check and make the most of “Value Engineering Opportunities”

Detailed Schedule Analysis and Construction Schedule Optimization

Vulcan Construction team members have a strong history of successfully completing projects within aggressive, but realistic schedules. We accomplish this by sticking close to what works best – produce a detailed, workable game plan that all participants buy into, then closely manage the progress of the job to achieve the established goals. We communicate through a series of developing, monitoring, and updating procedures that keep the project team informed and on track. We closely work with our subcontractors to continually evaluate construction components and systems to optimize the project construction duration. On this project we have put a particular emphasis on the following major construction elements because they have the most positive impact on the overall costs and construction schedule.

Interior Finishes

Understanding and evaluating the design intent is key to all projects we do. When dealing with any finished product, it is crucial that members of the project team have a full understanding of the products and how the work with each other. Our personnel spend countless hours detailing, reviewing and scheduling all of the interior finishes to assure that the high quality that is expected is maintained.

Foundation and Superstructure Construction – Understanding the superstructure design and designating the fastest possible construction schedule.

Exterior detailing

Beyond the system selection, we pay particular attention to exterior penetrations for air supply/exhaust locations and weather tightness of the system. We incorporate the use of respected waterproofing consultants in the Bay Area to assure that we will have no problems with the completed product.

Mechanical and Electrical system selection, design and installation

Not only will the RFP encourage creativity to optimize cost, we will continue to Value Engineer the project through the design process and construction.

By understanding all the issues and incorporating them into our construction schedule we can put together an aggressive , yet attainable schedule that allows the Owner to take possession of their project earlier, and saves the client dollars in the long run by reducing General Conditions costs for all involved in the project.