What are a General Contractor’s Responsibilities?

Commercial or not, construction projects are always big work. It takes teamwork to make the dream work. Building an establishment cannot be handled by a single person or by a single team. It takes several professionals from different sectors and expertise to ensure that the job gets done according to schedule and budget. This is where a general contractor comes to play.

A general contractor’s responsibilities in commercial construction includes keeping things running smoothly and organized. Your contractor will take care of the paperwork, scheduling and ensuring that each part of the project is done efficiently and on time.

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What is a General Contractor?

Whether you’re looking to renovate your establishment, or building a new one, we seek out different professionals for different works needed to be done, such as electricity, plumbing, painting, decor, etc. It might not seem challenging, especially for small projects, but it can get stressful once this is magnified. Things can quickly go off-course if you don’t have someone who will manage everything.

This is where your commercial general contractor comes into the picture. General contractors supervise the job sites, coordinate with vendors and suppliers for materials used, organize subcontractors, and monitor deadlines and quality of the work done. They are also in charge of ensuring all work done in the job site adheres to local codes and regulations set by the city government and OSHA.

A highly skilled and experienced contractor, like our team at Vulcan Construction, has mastered the building process, which makes the work much more efficient. For example, they know when to order specific materials and plan man-hours as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Their experience has made them problem solvers. They can foresee issues before it escalates and provide solutions without disrupting operations.


General Contractor’s Responsibilities, Roles and Duties

General contractor’s responsibilities are several, which vary according to the contract. They can assume roles for different stages of the project. Let’s break it down further.


Project Planning

Every project needs a plan, which describes all activities, deliverables, and budget allocated. Making sure everything goes according to schedule is crucial for construction projects. Delayed projects mean excess costs and set back in business operations.

The first duty of a general contractor is to create a project plan wherein the client can get a detailed view of crucial project development and implementation, construction equipment required, materials needed, risk mitigation, and predicting possible changes or interruptions.

Your hired general contractor is responsible for defining the project’s budget and should ensure it’s followed as closely as possible. They should easily detect waste by comparing actual expenses versus the planned budget.


Project Management

A general contractor’s management activities include: ensuring funds are available and budgeted accordingly, purchasing materials and its delivery, finding necessary equipment, hiring subcontractors, and creating progress reports.


Tracking Progress

Contractors also track the project’s progress and make sure it follows contract specifications and schedule. Activities include: quality control, using efficient construction methods, securing a constant supply of materials, safety, and preventing disruptions.

Your hired contractor should be able to manage any necessary changes and make decisions according to project scope, time, and budget.


Legal and Regulatory

No matter how big or small a project is, every City has its own building codes to follow. It is part of the general contractor’s role to acquire all necessary permits and licenses before starting any project. Without legal requirements, the project can get disrupted. Therefore, your hired contractor should be knowledgeable about the location’s regulations and secures the required permits before the construction starts.


Health and Safety Concerns

Safety should always be the first priority, especially now with the ongoing pandemic. It’s the general contractor’s duty to implement adequate procedures and raise awareness among workers. The contractor also deals with any emergencies at the project site and reports them accordingly.



General contractor’s responsibilities are an essential part of any commercial construction project. Their expertise ensures that every aspect of the project is well taken care of and is in line with the business goals. To learn more about our general contractor services, schedule an appointment with us at Vulcan Construction.


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