5 Reasons to Work with a Builder Specializing in Commercial Construction

Finding the right builder who would bring your next commercial project to life is crucial. When it comes to commercial construction, industry experience plays a pivotal role in successfully completing a project. This is why when it comes to selecting a builder, you must choose a firm who specializes in commercial work.

Builders specialize in different types of construction projects such as residential, commercial, government, and industrial. While a residential contractor will be able to help you build a commercial building, there is no guarantee that it will be done with efficiency as compared to someone who has already handled and completed projects of such magnitude his entire career.

There is a vast difference in experience, materials, equipment, and skilled labor needed to build a residential home versus a commercial structure. Working with the wrong builder can potentially result in project delays, a significant waste of financial resources, and a lot of stress. Choose a builder that is both experienced and reliable in this arena, go directly with a commercial contractor.


Hiring Commercial Construction Builders

Here are the five reasons why commercial contractors are great at what they do.


We are experienced in this field.

As a builder who has routinely built commercial projects over the years, we have a better understanding of what this business demands. This level of expertise is important to make better decisions in which materials to use and provide better structural recommendations.

This can also help reduce construction costs and shorten completion times without affecting the building’s integrity. We know how our clients run their businesses and how each facility generates revenue.


We are hooked up with specialized equipment.

Building a commercial structure requires specialized heavy machinery like loaders, light towers, excavators, and boom lifts. While there are several residential contractors who may have used similar equipment, it may not be as frequently needed as those who have been constantly working on commercial structures. And this large equipment needs skilled operators as well.

Commercial contractors have the equipment, workforce, and resources to get the right equipment for the job.


We understand commercial-grade building materials.

Structures like shopping malls and offices will require specialty and commercial grade building materials for the site work, drainage, envelope, ceiling, among other features including commercial grade windows, flooring, and fixtures.

Commercial builders have the experience and can help you find the best materials for your facility. We also have a wide network of suppliers which you can leverage to acquire necessary building materials to complete the job on time and within budget.


We have skilled laborers.

Compared to private structures, commercial construction projects have greater demands and require dozens of skilled laborers. Working with a builder who does not specialize in commercial projects may not have the right relationships needed to get the job done. This can escalate to additional costs and delays.

Reputable commercial builders like Vulcan Construction Inc. have worked with hundreds of skilled laborers over the years. We know who exactly to reach out to for commercial projects of any scale.


We are able to lower your construction costs.

An experienced commercial contractor can help you lower the cost of the project. A contractor, regardless if it’s commercial or residential, usually obtains a loan to finance a build. Without a proven track record in successfully completing commercial projects, a contractor won’t be granted a loan, or the terms wouldn’t be as favorable as there is a higher risk for the lender.


At Vulcan Construction, we provide quality commercial construction services and retain our clients for years to come. We put our customer’s needs first and follow through on the plans established during pre-construction to deliver an exceptional product on-time and on-budget. Contact us for more information.

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