Need a Commercial Remodel? 5 Compelling Reasons Why You Do

Commercial buildings are like any other buildings which require occasional updates and renovations to keep them in top shape. If you can’t tolerate having a tight living space or an outdated bathroom at home, then your employees won’t likely want to work in an old and dilapidated office either.

Businesses will need to update their commercial spaces to stay up-to-date with modern trends and to ensure that it is a pleasant-looking workplace. You might have trouble identifying the right time to renovate your commercial space, but we can give you the signs that you finally need a commercial remodel from commercial construction experts like Vulcan.


When Do You Need A Commercial Remodel?

Your Building Looks Dated

If your commercial building looks like it came from the ’70s, you’ll need to update your space to make it more attractive to younger people. You’ll likely have a young workforce in your team and they’ll have their own preferences on how space should look. Your competitors will also likely invest in their office spaces to ensure that they have a good-looking place.

Outdated buildings will usually have outdated features and faulty systems that can limit the occupants’ work performance, produce high electricity bills, and have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning issues. Remodeling the building to install ethernet ports, update the electrical system, and fix any HVAC issues is essential to ensure that the building will look and function like a newer building. Remodeling the building can also introduce limited automation technologies as precautions for COVID-19.

Customers will also want to stay or transact with modern-looking businesses. Unless your brand is all about retro, you’ll need to update your building.

Your Building is Deteriorating

Buildings will age and deteriorate as the years go by and people constantly use the space at least eight hours a day. Your space’s paint will fade or chip, the floor shows wear from heavy foot traffic, water leaks from the roof, walls show cracks, and tiles go loose. Some of these issues can become workplace safety hazards and can get you sued if anyone gets injured from them.

The building can also become a health hazard for its occupants when mold starts to appear in the toilets and leaks cause dampness.

To avoid any potential personal injury or health-related lawsuits in the future, you should look into contacting a construction company to see how the damages can be repaired.

You’re Constantly Expanding

It’s easy for businesses to quickly run out of space in the commercial building when they become successful and expand and hire more people. Soon enough, the business will need to use other rooms as office space and hold meetings in the lunchroom. The pantry might even get sacrificed for more office space, up to the point that all the employees see is their workstations.

Commercial remodeling can add more space to the building or reconfigure the existing area to better use the space. When the business has outgrown the building’s current space, it’s necessary to remodel it.

You Want to Increase Property Value

When your property deteriorates, its value goes down. If you’re renting out your old property, you’ll only be able to offer it at a low price since your tenants won’t likely accept any higher rental fee. The outdated features of old commercial buildings also keep the property value low since businesses will be looking for more modern features like up-to-date kitchenettes, better windows, better floors, and brighter lighting.

If you want to increase the rental price, you’ll need to consider a commercial remodel to introduce new features and to increase security to the building. You’ll need to look for reputable engineers, architects, and builders and contractors to upgrade the old building with new technologies.

In case you want to sell the property in the future, you should have it remodeled to increase its value.

Your Property Does Not Reflect Your Branding

As mentioned before, appearances can affect how people see a company and a modern building that actually looks like an office. The building must reflect your brand since it’s already an excellent marketing tool for anyone looking at the building from the ground. You’ll also likely feature your location on your website, and a decrepit building won’t look good on any webpage.

If you find that you don’t want to hold meetings with your clients on your property, it’s also time to remodel it. You don’t want your potential clients or business partners to have a negative impression of your brand because you lack the necessary facilities to hold a private meeting. Remodeling the commercial space can allow you to have secure meeting rooms.


Vulcan Construction, can provide you with the high-quality commercial remodel construction services needed to give your property an excellent remodeling job. If your office space isn’t fully utilized during this pandemic, then you should consider remodeling it to be able to follow social distancing protocols or to upgrade your space for when things start going back to normal. 

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